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Awesome Wedding Idea #7

Share your faith by asking guests to sign your family Bible (etc) in place of a guest book.

Awesome Wedding Idea #6

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Awesome Wedding Idea #5

In Australia, it is popular to have a farewell circle. This is a chance for the newlyweds to say "thanks" and make sure they see everyone, give hugs, etc. The important thing is to pick a song that is familiar or 'entertaining' in some fashion, especially if you are having a large wedding. You don't want friends or family getting bored as you go around the circle. This tradition offers a way to close out the evening with a personal touch.

Awesome Wedding Idea #4:

Remind your videographer to call the disc jokey if he plans on recording sound directly from your DJ's sound system. It is common for videographers to arrive unprepared, especially since many couples recruit a friend, relative or choose a budget company to shoot their wedding highlights.

Awesome Wedding Idea # 3:

It is OK to pay tribute to a special friend, or family member, who has passed away. Many couples will choose a slow song, while others will choose a fun, upbeat tune that may have been a favorite for the dearly departed. It is best to ask your Master of Ceremonies to keep the dedication simple: "friends and family, this next song is dedicated to the memory of Julie's sister, Mary Lee." It is important to be tasteful and have a game plan for when and where the dedication will happen.

Awesome Wedding Idea # 2:

Not sure how to transition from a high-energy dance floor to the cake cutting ceremony? The cake cutting ceremony is often planned about an hour after dinner which means that you may have to stop a packed, high-energy dance floor mid-party. There are a number of ways to handle this transition. One way is to ask your MC to announce the "anniversary dance" which will eventually get everyone seated... except for the couple that has been married the longest. You may present flowers (or a gift) and/or your MC can ask for advice from the experts AT the cake table. This is suitable when guests have a clear view of the cake when seated. Guests are now ready, willing and able to share your cake cutting experience with you ... and eat cake!

Awesome Wedding Idea # 1:

Raise your head table and the cake table for a clear view. There is nothing worse than being a guest and being blocked by a the photographer, videographer or a wall of people. The simple trick of using a riser that is 2-feet tall will give everyone an excellent view during those special toasts and/or your cake cutting ceremony. Make sure the riser is large enough to accomodate your photographer, videographer and those who will be toasting.

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